Easy Workarounds To Fix Error TS-02 Of Brother Printer

Brother Printer In Error State

Brother printers are known for their quality printing and durability. You can print any document right from the comfort of your home. However, things don’t always go in a favor, you may come across certain errors which if not resolved can spoil the whole printing experience. Today, we are going to discuss the most common error which users of Brother Printer have come across. This is error TS-02 in which the printer fails to communicate with the networking device. However, there is nothing to worry about, by implementing simple workarounds, you can get back to the printing experience.

Why you get this error code?

  • If the windows file is corrupted. If you have installed the windows file which is not properly installed or corrupted, then you will get the error code.
  • System files are broken.
  • Printer drivers are not installed.
  • Some residual files of removed hardware still available on PC.

Now, coming to the steps to fix Error code TS-02 from the Brother Printer screen.

  1. Check if there is an active connection between the printer and the Wireless router.
  2. Connect the computer to the router wirelessly.
  3. Check the network speed by performing a speed test on your device.
  4. Place the router close to the extender.
  5. If there is any obstruction like a wall, floor, or furniture in-between the router and the printer, you won’t be able to connect both the devices. Minimize the distance and remove obstructions if any.
  6. The Mac Address filtering option should be enabled for the router. If not, then do this first and try connecting the printer now. The same settings need to be configured on the printer as well.
  7. If the Mac address is not known to you, then you can go to the ‘Network configuration’ list.
  8. The frequency used by the brother printer is 4 GHz. If you are connecting using the 2.5 GHz, then change it from the router interface.
  9. Sometimes, the solution to this problem is also available under ‘Setup wizard’. If you haven’t tried this solution yet, then try it once and check if the problem has been resolved or not.
  10. Check the radio signal that reaches the brother printer. If the signal is weak, then change the frequency of the signal from the control panel of the printer.
  11. Double-check the SSID to which you are connecting the brother printer. If the SSID selected is wrong, the communication failure results, hence no printing at all from the brother printer.
  12. After selecting the right SSID, enter the password.
  13. Open the brother printer and restart it by pressing the power button from the back of the hardware.
  14. Update printer drivers if available from the brother printer website on your computer.
  15. Restart the computer after updating the drivers. If you are still not able to communicate your printer with the router, you can contact the experts.

For more information, you can contact experts who are well-experienced and have intense knowledge of every error code appeared on the Brother Printer In Error State.





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