Fix Canon Printer Error

Have you recently purchased a new Canon Printer? if yes, then you need first-time setup instructions which you will get on this page. No doubt, you can turn on the printer yourself but, to get it to work normally, you must connect it to the network either physically or wirelessly.

Canon Printer setup

Learn how to set up the Canon printer wirelessly by reading the simple instructions for Mac and Windows devices.

Though there are several brands available of printers in the market, Canon is on the top of the user’s choice. It is renowned for quality printing. To use the printer, the first step is ‘Performing the setup’.

Setup wireless printer

To set up a Canon wireless printer, you must follow the set of instructions in the same manner. With a wireless printer setup, you can connect the computer to the printer using a wireless network. If the printer is wirelessly connected, then you can print the document from any device provided, there is built-in Wi-Fi.

Canon printer wireless setup

The first and foremost step for the setup is to download the Canon Print app and press the printer wireless button from the device. You will be prompted to enter the username and password of your Wi-Fi. Once entered, the process will go automatically.

What different methods are available for setup?

There are two ways to configure the Canon printer. One is via WPS and another via standard connection. If you are going to connect the printer to the network, then you can follow any of these methods.

WPS Connection Method

This is the most common method for Windows and Mac OS. The wireless router with WPS button support can be used for making connections. Steps for the same are:

  • Turn on the Canon printer and place the router next to it.
  • Press the WPS button till you find the printer light starts blinking.
  • A blue LED will lit for confirming the network. The light will become stable once the printer gets connected to the network.
  • Start printing the documents by putting the sheet at the back of your printer.

The setup for Canon Printer is now complete, you can test by printing a test page. If it works, then it means you have completed the job.

Canon Standard Connection

If there is no WPS feature supported by printer or router, follow the below-mentioned steps for setup

  • Connect the computer to a printer for network settings
  • Put papers in the loading tray.
  • Press the cancel button for some seconds.
  • Check the connection status from the information page.
  • Verify the network name.

Initial Setup

  • For this, you need to connect the power cable to the printer and set wired connection using Ethernet cable.
  • Check the drivers if already installed or not.
  • Connect the printer to the internet.
  • Connect the computer and the printer to the router if it is provided by an internet service provider.

Setup for windows OS

  • Go to ‘Start’ followed by ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Devices’.
  • Select ‘Printer and scanners’ and select the printer by adding the serial number manually.
  • Connect the printer and computer to the same network.

Canon Printer for Mac OS

  1. The first step is to select the ‘System preferences’ and then go to ‘Printers and scanners’.
  2. Click the ‘+’ symbol to add a printer.
  3. From the list of available printers, go to your printer model and add it.
  4. If you are using the router, then connect the Mac device and the printer to the same network.
  5. Take the print test now.

If you are facing any problem with the Canon Printer in connecting it to the Wi-Fi or physically, then you can contact the support team available at our platform. The details and know-how of the Canon printer are available with our support experts.

Canon Printer Error B200

It’s quite annoying when you try to print some document and an error code pops up. One of the most dreaded errors you can encounter on the Canon printer is B200 error which indicates a devastating error. Don’t take it as a normal error, the Canon B200 error can be fixed through different methods which you can try without any hesitation.

What are the possible causes of Canon printer error b200?

In general, the B200 error implies a problem with the print head. The function of the head is to distribute ink to the paper from the cartridge. So, you can understand how important this is from the print functioning point of view. If you are coming across this problematic error, then you don’t need to worry. Just follow the tricks mentioned here as under.

How to fix Canon Error b200?

There are several fixes available to troubleshoot Error b200 from the printer. This error can appear or any printer model. If you are using Mx922, then even you can get this error, to solve Canon Mx922 error b200, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Reset printer: Unplug the device and wait for 30 minutes, till the time being you don’t need to reconnect it. Turning on the printer after a delay of 30 minutes will let it cool down properly and the printer will start working normally.
  2. Remove obstructions: Check if there is anything stuck or disrupting the printer head. You can take it out by opening the door and check if the issue gets resolved or not. If not, you can contact the experts
  3. Clean printer head: You can use the maintenance options available for your device to clean the printer head. If the printer head is clogged or choked, then there are chances of getting an error on the screen. You can either type Canon mx922 support code b200 directly on the search engine to get precise information in this regard.
  4. Use Pure alcohol or non-oil based cleaner to clean the gold part of your print head. You can use a microfiber cloth to rub the cleaner on the contact head. Wait till it gets dry and try to connect to it.
  5. Remove old ink: Sometimes the ink inside the head gets trapped and hardened, due to which it stops printing. In such cases, you can pour hot water on the printer head and pat it dry. You can use a paper towel to get it dry. Re-insert head into the printer.
  6. Re-install printer driver: You can download and install the fresh driver software for your Canon printer from the Canon website. Follow the instructions given online to update the drivers. You can go to the ‘Canon support code b200’.
  7. Try a new cartridge: Faulty cartridge causes a B200 error. To install a new printer cartridge, you can refer to the user manual by entering the model number of your printer. This will definitely solve the problem.