How To Setup HP Wireless Printer On Your Computer?


HP wireless printer provides you with the ease of printing the documents from any place and machine. There is no physical wire connected between the printer and the device. Ensure that the computer and the printer must be connected to the same wireless network.


  1. A computer with Wi-Fi support. You can use the wireless network card if your computer doesn’t support Wi-Fi.
  2.  The router should be capable enough to handle multiple devices on the same network at a time.
  3. Don’t forget to use the software of the printer for the setup. You will find this on the HP website.

Automatic setup of HP wireless printer

  • The computer and the wireless printer must be on the same network and the version of windows must be higher than windows vista.
  • Connect the computer to the 802.11 b/g/n 2.5 GHz network.
  • The wireless network must be enabled for controlling the activities of your computer OS.
  • The wireless connection between the computer and the router is essential.
  • There must be a dynamic IP address assigned to the computer.
  • Open the link and search for printer drivers using the model number.
  • Download and install them.
  • The Auto configuration enabled printer will search for the best settings and get those configured on your printer.
  • Read on-screen instructions. Go to ‘Network’ from the center of the page and click on ‘Send the wireless settings to printer’. This will auto-send the network settings on the wireless printer.
  • Wait for some seconds till the connection gets established. You will find the ‘Success message’ on the screen.
  • Complete the remaining setup by reading the on-screen instructions.

Manual setup of HP printer

For manual setup, you need either a CD or an Ethernet cable to install the drivers on the computer.

  • Turn on the printer by connecting to the power source.
  • Connect the printer to the network through the software setup.
  • Go to ‘Setup’ and select the printer model and your location.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Wireless’ option and check the available wireless networks.
  • Select the ‘Network wizard’ to install the network drivers in your printer. You will then find the name of the network in the list.
  • Select the name from the list and enter the password to connect to the network.
  • If you have not assigned any name or SSID to the router, then simply check the username of your router from the pasted sticker. Sometimes, the name of the router is the manufacturer itself. Connect the printer to this router.
  • If there is no such name available in the list, then you will have to add the network details manually. First, enter the name of the router followed by the IP address and ISP details.
  • Enter the password for the same network. If you have not changed the password of the router since you have purchased, then check the default password from the hardware.
  • You will find a ‘Successfully connected’ message on the screen.
  • If there is a WPS button given on the router and the printer, then connect the printer directly to the router using this button. When you press the button from both the devices at the same time, the frequency gets matched and in no time, the printer gets connected to the network.
  • Tap ‘Finish’ to complete the setup process.

Try printing the documents from nearby devices connected to the same Wi-Fi.

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