How To Troubleshoot Error Code 71 Of Brother Printer?

Brother Printer

Some error codes on the brother printer are quite common and usually happens due to mechanical failure in the machine. The same is the case with Error code 71. If you are getting error code 71, then it means there is some mechanical malfunctioning in the device. You can try restarting the printer by pressing the power button and turn it on again. Check if the problem goes away or not. The error code 71 appears if there is a fault in the polygon motor of a laser unit. The speed at which it runs is approx. 40,000 RPMs. This varies from model to model. Without discussing anything out of its concern, we are now going to discuss the steps for fixing the Brother Printer error code 71.

It has been found out that if the motor is unable to reach or touch its predefined speed, then the machine will start displaying the ‘Print unable 71’ message on the screen. For this problem, you can pull the motor from the bushing and clean it thoroughly. Apply the machine oil for proper lubrication. If the motor still does not rotate freely, then there is no other solution than to replace it. For your knowledge, we want to mention here that the laser unit is removed when any bizarre sound is reported from the motor.

As mentioned in the previous passage that if the desired speed doesn’t get achieved by the printer motor, then error 71 appears. After implementing the above-mentioned fix, if the problem still occurs, then follow the steps going to be discussed here as under:

  1. Check the firmware version of the printer installed currently. If there is an obsolete version installed, then download the latest one online and transfer it to the printer. After installing the latest version of firmware, don’t forget to configure the correct settings.
  2. Now, after updating the brother machine, turn it off and wait for 10 seconds.
  3. Switch on the machine again.
  4. The machine can store the data for the last 4-5 days. So, if you keep it off for 4 days then even it can retrieve the printing jobs already in a queue. If you are getting the right time and date on the LCD screen, then it means the issue has been resolved.
  5. If the issue persists, then get the machine serviced from the expert. You can transfer the ongoing fax to another machine.
  6. Print by configuring the settings given in the menu. Go to the ‘Print menu’ and click on ‘Print reports’. Select ‘User settings’ and press ‘Start’.
  7. If the settings get executed, then it means the issue will not repeat and has been resolved.

Steps to check the current version of the printer

  • From the numeric keys, press * and # keys at the same time.
  • From the top row of LCD, the letter and the number will be displayed. If you find a version starting with the letter ‘P’, then it means the latest version is installed. If it is ‘N’, then the lower version is installed.

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