What If The Canon Printer Is Not Printing Documents?


Owning a Canon printer means, having a best-in-class printing device at home from which the documents, images, files can be printed through multiple devices. You can connect several devices to the printer using Wi-Fi technology. However, certain issues go side by side and you can’t avoid them. If you are trying to print the document and find ‘Error message’ on screen, then it takes the name of the printer company towards the negative side. Today, we will discuss the troubleshooting steps to get rid of the Canon B200 Error printer not working problem.

Why canon printer doesn’t print?

There are several possible reasons why the printer is not printing the documents properly. Some of the major ones are listed here as under:

  • Corrupted printer drivers.
  • Paper jam problem.
  • Improper installation of drivers.
  • Configuration errors.
  • Empty ink cartridge.
  • Dusty and faulty printer head.
  • Duplicate ink.
  • Compatibility problem.

It doesn’t matter what issue is preventing the printer from printing the documents, we are now going to suggest some tricks and tips to this problem.

  1. Check ink cartridge: If the ink in the cartridge is less or empty, the printer will not print the documents properly. Refill the ink or replace the cartridge with a new one. For un-installing, the ink cartridge, open the front door of the printer and safely remove the cartridge from the back.
  2. Update printer drivers: More often, the obsolete or corrupt printer drivers are the root cause of the printing issue. To fix this, update the drivers to the latest version from the Canon printer website and connect the printer to the computer now. Check if the printing is done or not.
  3. Check printer settings: If you are facing a problem in printing colored pages, then check if the colored printing option is enabled on your printer or not. Otherwise, in most of the printers, this setting is enabled by default.
  • Open the ‘Start menu’ from the computer and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Open ‘Printer and scanner options’ from the control panel.
  • Select your printer and go to properties.
  • If the colored tab is disabled, then slide to the right to turn it on and check the printer after restarting it.
  1. Restart printer: Restarting printer is like Panacea to all printer problems. To restart the printer, there is no need to take anybody’s assistance. Simply disconnect the device from the power supply and wait for few minutes. Connect the device again and try printing the documents now. If you are still facing the B200 Error printing problem, then there is a need to explore the issue further.

After implementing the above-mentioned fixes, you will be able to get rid of the printing problem from the Canon printer. If the problem still exists, then it is recommended to stay in touch with the experts. The problem with the printing most gets resolved after replacing the ink cartridges.

If you’are facing any issues regarding Printer In Error State then you can contact us for help.


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